Base Unit software update


About Software update

The software of the Base Unit can be updated via the web interface. The latest version of the software is available on Barco’s

website, Click on Download Software.

How to update from web interface

1. Download the latest version of the software from Barco’s website.

2. Log in to the ClickShare web interface.

3. Click the Maintenance tab (1) and then click Software (2).


The content of the Software tab is displayed.

The current version of the Base Unit software is shown in the Base Unit Software pane.

4. To upload a new version of the Base Unit software, click Upload New Software... . (3).

A browser window opens.

5. Browse to the file with the new software and click Open to start the upload.

Note: This should be an ipk file. You might have to unzip the file downloaded from Barco’s website.

Note: Updating the software to the Base Unit and installing it can take several minutes. Progress can be followed on the

meeting room display.

The Base Unit software is updated.


Base Unit software update using a USB stick

1. Download he latest software version from the Barco website

2. Copy the ipk file to a USB stick. If necessary, unzip it first.

3. Rename the file to ‘ clickshare_firmware.ipk’

4. Insert the USB stick into the USB port at the front of the base Unit.

5. Follow the instructions on the scree.

6. Remove the USB stick form the Base Unit.